A Look at Sustainable Tourism

Undoubtedly Cambodia, and Kampot specifically, provides an amazing destination for tourists coming in from all over the world. And as infrastructure and accessibility in Cambodia continue to improve, surely we can expect to see even a larger increase in the amount of tourists coming to visit this beautiful place. But how often do we see in the global tourism industry a scenario much like this: as tourism grows and consumes an area, it completely smothers the unique characteristics that made that place a unique destination to begin with.

There is fortunately a healthy way to combine local culture with tourism, and that is our mission at Samon Village.

By promoting Khmer culture first and foremost, we have the opportunity to share all the beautiful and positive aspects of our culture with yours. And in this way, we don't lose those aspects of our culture as tourism increases. By building our concept in this way, we ensure that by sharing our culture with you that we are also strengthening it.

Weekly Cultural Events

Once a week at Samon Village we host traditional Khmer music. This band of extremely skilled musicians is well versed in the original instruments utilized in this region for over 1,000 years. The age of this style and even of the instruments used goes back beyond Angkor Wat itself, so you can imagine the historical significance and the relevance of this type of music in our culture.

Imagine for a moment, if you can, this traditional song and dance being performed 1,000 years ago as part of Buddhist and Hindu ceremonies. This music and these dances are rooted in wellness and the very creation and performance of these styles served as part of rituals to calm the mind and promote mental stability for a better life. Whether you are Cambodian or not, to witness these performances even today brings one back to our collective human roots. It is this that we want to share with you, so that you too can benefit from our culture in the improvement of your own life, no matter where you are from.

The musical events are paired with authentic Khmer food, served buffet style. We put out all of the best that Khmer cuisine has to offer so you can enjoy the sights, sounds, and tastes of Khmer culture all in one beautiful evening.

How We Can Stay True to Our Concept

Even the concept of our 'Village' had its purpose. Our atmosphere and the construction of our bungalows are meant to create the environment similar to a Khmer Village several hundred years ago.

We invite local artists and musicians to share traditional Khmer song and dance with us. These cultural events bring locals and tourists together. They are educational for the tourists ; for the locals these events help to strengthen and reinforce our cultural identity.

The majority of our restaurant menu is built around Khmer cuisine. We understand that most of our guests don't visit Cambodia too often and many want to experience the real tastes of the culture they are visiting. Khmer food is truly special and the same mindfulness that goes into the preparation can be seen in many aspects of the culture.

Looking down the road, we are not focused on growth in terms of size. Though we are often sold out and could, in one sense, benefit from expansion, our hope is to continue to strengthen Khmer culture and integrate it even more with increasing tourism. For this reason, 'growth' in our eyes means improving our cultural events and promoting a sustainable tourist system.